I am loved 🖤 I am worth it 🖤 I am healed 🖤 I deserve to live my dream life!

What Is Bold & Brave Publishing?


At Bold & Brave Publishing we believe that everyone has a profound story within them. We have all gone through something that has deeply impacted us in one way or another. So often our stories are full of struggles and challenges, yet in the face of adversity we learn to heal. YOUR story could help many heal!  Our words are so powerful and when we use them positively and creatively, we can create a massive wave of change in the world! We can't think of a better way to do that then to write a book! 

Our goal is to assist our authors in bringing their BOLD and BRAVE stories out to the world. To take the authors story and vision and create a powerful book to inspire, uplift and help those who read their book.