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"I'm in love with this book! Being a mom of two and having my son 5 months ago this book was an essential part of getting through all of my postpartum issues and struggles. It was such a pleasure to read. I know I can go back and read it whenever I'm having a crazy day, it teaches you how to just breathe and control your mind." - Jenhea Gonzalez


"Britney's book is simple and concise! She introduces easy techniques and information to regain control of your brain! The mind is truly incredible and Britney's book empowers you to take back control over your thoughts!" -Kristin Buller, CA


"This book should be given to every mom! It contains powerful knowledge that most women and men know little or nothing about. Britney did wonders with this book explain and guide you through the process of postpartum and how to help you conquer it!" - Kamie Mysliwiec, UT