I am loved 🖤 I am worth it 🖤 I am healed 🖤 I deserve to live my dream life!

About Us

We are the Gutzwiller's

 Meet Jeff, Britney, Jaden and Bravery. We are living our dream life in Hawaii, traveling, enjoying each present moment with one another and hoping to inspire many through our story. Not long ago we found ourselves struggling through life, not at all living our dreams, broke-living paycheck to paycheck, Britney going through PTSD, a panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and postpartum depression after the birth of our daughter. Jeff worked hard to hold our marriage and family together while going through his own personal struggle with alcohol. Together, we decided to BE BOLD & BRAVE and make BIG changes, to actually heal from what was hurting us, create a new way of life and discover what living our dream really was. Today we are happy, healthy, healed from mental illnesses and sober! It's NEVER too late to heal and live the life of your dreams! 

-Britney & Jeff